Open II – dVerse Quadrille

I would like to be
so open
that the light pours
through me,
so open
that the air dances
between the
molecules of my skin,
so open that
I am only a space
a window
emptied of all
my broken words,
clear note singing.


I knew there’d be another one coming. I love quadrilles – so short and punchy. This is another one for “open” night over at

Open – quadrille for Dverse

An open heart is a garden
Where birds flit
From branch to branch
And flowers toss
Their fragrance into the air.

A closed heart is a grey place,
Where nothing grows.

Keep your heart open,
I told her. It hurts
Because it is alive.


Victoria has opened up the bar at dVerse, opened up a couple of bottles and set things in motion. The word tonight is “open”. It’s such a very open word, I think there might be more to come…