Come if you want to dance

If you don’t want to dance
Don’t come to my party
If you don’t want to dance
Then just stay at home

If you just want to chat
Then go and find a tea room
If you just want to eat
There’s a chippy up the road

This one’s for the dancers,
The stampers, the vampers,
The whirlers and the waltzers,
The ones who do the polka –

I want a bit of bee-bop,
Hip hop, a slut drop,
Some stamping and some tapping,
Some bootie being shook –

Come and do a slow dance,
A pole dance, the pogo,
Come and do a step dance,
Flamenco or a jive

You can do a circle dance,
A square dance, a line dance,
Or wiggle like a hippy
In a corner, on your own.

I don’t want spectators,
I want participators,
So if you won’t be dancing
Just stay home.