From here the land rises

like a green wave, so that

perhaps we cling

like fishermen to our

small boat. Are we afraid?


~For Lillian at dVerse, who asks us to be inspired by windows. I think there is more to say on this subject, and my picture doesn’t capture the perspective at all, which is a little frustrating. 



New beginnings – for dVerse

This is for Tuesday Poetics The picturepicture is by Jinny Nieviadomy, chosen by Mish at dVersedVerse

Three eggs

We peeked in, reverent, not breathing,
Holding back fingers
Marvelling at them – so blue
They must be made of sky,
Or hold some glorious truth,
As if at any moment they could crack,
Spilling out sun and moon and stars
And time and space –
All the great mass of matter
Flowing forth, clotting and binding,
Swirling itself into great galaxies
And constellations,
Hurtling and spiraling, on and out,
Until, on some unimagined,
Distant ball of rock and water,
A woman stands, holding a child,
Joying in his sturdy strength,
Showing him three secret eggs
And whispering to him not to touch.