Both of us

Look at you,
head so full of words
you can hardly speak,
hunting down those details,
spearing them delicately
with your sharpened pen.

Look at you,
words spilling, rolling, coiling,
so full of words
you can’t be silent,
slippery, shimmering words
that slide away into
deep water.

There you are again,
carrying those words,
great armfuls of them,
gathered and gleaned

and then releasing them
in a great cloud
of syllables and phrases


always balancing


The NaPoWriMo prompt today is to consider an powerful and powerless aspect of ourselves and bring them into dialogue. My world is full of words – my own and others. I gather up the words of others and try to make them into something coherent. I pour out words, trying to make sense of my world. Which of those roles is powerful, which powerless? I’m not entirely sure.