I have heard murmurings
and disregarded whispers
and a thousand

soft insinuations

but now the murmurs
are louder, they rustle
in the hedgerow,
they scratch at the windows

of this house.

I have heard an owl
hooting in the silence

and I have waited.




Murmur – quadrille for dVerse

Murmur your words
so no-one can hear
because we’re keeping
secrets tonight.

Orion is just a
silver tattoo on
an indigo thigh,
and the moon is a
whisper of light,

time ticks a
silent fandango,
and your skin is a
hidden delight



a murmuring quadrille for dVerse – 44 words, including the all important key word – tonight it’s murmur…

Bounce – quadrille for dVerse

Some days are bouncing cheques –
promising much, delivering


or like damp fireworks,
advertising sparks and showers
of light and colour,
coming up with


Today promised nothing –
damp, drab, dreary,
grey skies, grey horizons…

so you making me a coffee
is a miracle.

Maybe not as bouncy as it could be, but in fairness it’s been pretty horrible here. De is keeping the bar at dVerse and wants us to bounce around, quadrilling with the word “bounce”! 


Leap – quadrille for dVerse

Each morning
you make a leap
of faith,
flinging yourself
against the rushing power
of the world

a salmon
leaping the weir,
falling back,
leaping again.

Each morning
you open the curtains,
and let in the light;

let the day
spill across your face.



It’s a brand new year! Welcome back to dVerse, where Grace is asking us to leap into action with a quadrille. Forty-four words, including the key word – “leap”. I’m looking forward to another year of writing with dVerse. Check it out. 

Crunch – quadrille for dVerse

Woke up crunched

like a ball of paper

tossed aside

idea won’t fly

but you can’t stop me





opening up


so that


everyone can see

the words I have

written scrawled inked


my paper skin –


my words

my name

my poem


De at dVerse has asked us for a quadrille with some crunch. The dVerse pub is open, and it’s a great place to hang out if you are a poet seeking similar. The drinks are free, and so is the poetry. 


Kick – quadrille for dVerse

Back in the day

You were my astronaut baby

And I was your universe

And part of me thought

I would always be able to

Keep you safe,

But, of course,

Even then you kicked

And pushed against the world,

Seeking to be free.

It’s a special day at dVerse – Quadrille #44 – those poets who use all the words will be stretched to the limit! De is keeping bar at the poets’ pub tonight, and asks us to write a poem in 44 words – no more, no less – including the word “kick”. 

hope II

How do we talk
about hope

when it is
as illusory as fear

and yet

both things can grab our guts
and pierce our hearts

and so we talk about

hope and
love and

as if they can step forth
and save us


Another one for De at dVerse (strangely satisfying words). A bit bleaker this time.