Summertime itch

My feet are office carpet itchy,
my eyes are screen stare scritchy –
I think I’ve got an allergy to inside space:
I need to feel the sunshine on my face –
summer lightning fizzing on my skin
I’m just waiting for the weekend to begin.

And – dVerse is back! Seven years of prompts, sharing and poetic community. Today’s prompt is, appropriately, itch. Grace is hosting tonight, and I’m itching to get over there.  


Cycle – quadrille for dVerse

Pedal as fast as you can –

you can’t out-cycle death –

she’s right behind you,

thighs pumping, –

hair flying

no helmet.

Hide in the peleton –

she’ll find you out –

make a break for it –

she’ll reel you in –

ride hard, ride fast,

death always wins.

Cycle is the keyword for tonight’s quadrille, courtesy of Kim at dVerse. This is for all those middle aged men in lycra. 

Muddle – quadrille for dVerse

This glorious muddle
we made together –

this silken thread

a vena cava,

twisted up with a
silver bracelet

that’s semi-plaited
round scraps of velvet
glistening neurones
that are

with shiny ribbon

from a birthday present

the central knot



De at dVerse gives us “muddle” as our keyword for a quadrille.

Gather – quadrille for dVerse

Gather your thoughts
they are strewn over the fields,
they have floated away with the clouds –
you should keep your thoughts on a string,
so that they cannot drift off.

Gather them now, bundle them
tightly together, so they cannot escape,
hide them away.

Lillian is tending the bar at dVerse tonight, and it’s a quadrille happy hour or two. Actually, it lasts all week. Forty four words, with “gather” as tonight’s key word. 

Zip – quadrille for dVerse

Life’s a zipwire
and you are
hanging on

and from up here
the view is great

if you could only stop
and look – tree
bird –
what kind? –
blur of white cherry blossom.

You fly past,
falling, held,
between gravity
and the wire


For dVerse, where Zip-a-De-doo-dah De asks us to produce a quadrille – 44 words including the key word “zip”.

Burn – quadrille for dVerse

There is a fire
in the heart of everything –
the green wood will
one day burn:
the flame of sunlight
caught in the dark
centre of the tree
will be unleashed,
to flow like water
over the earth,
fire reaching deep
into the soil.

For Victoria at dVerse – a quadrille is exactly 44 words, one of which must be the prompt word. Tonight, it’s “burn”. What a powerful word. There might be more to come…