Echo – for dVerse

Echo was silent
but the moon called
across the water,

and there was a
mirroring in
our movements.

Echo was silent,
but we were

and the rhythm danced
between us, and we
danced between
the rhythm,

giving and giving back.
Echo was silent.

De at dVerse is asking for quadrilles – 44 words – with “echo” as the key word.

Still – quadrille for dVerse

Grace at dVerse asks us for a quadrille – 44 words including the prompt word – “still”.


still crazy,
still dancing,
still chancing,
still charming,
still telling stories,
still looking for stars,
still watching the changing moon,
still putting on one more tune
still trying something new
still soaking up sun,
still dreaming,
still learning,
still singing
still caring
still you.

Spring II – quadrille for dVerse.

Round here, spring trickles
down the lane, half mud
half water


The starlings cluster, curdle
the telephone lines,
weaving together a great


and there are buds
just whispering green
in the hedgerow


and primrose
sunlight creeping
over the doorstep,



We have all agreed that today felt like it was properly spring – though tomorrow may feel like something else entirely. There are celandines everywhere, and pale primroses, and periwinkles like handfuls of sky. Kim at dVerse has given us ‘spring’ as our quadrille prompt. It’s definitely in the air. 

Spring I – quadrille for dVerse

She knew it was spring
because the shirts danced
on the line, and the sun
shone warm across
her shoulders.

The rooks were calling
from tree to tree

and there were primroses
moonlight pale
along the bank

and for a moment,
she forgot herself.


It’s quadrille night at dVerse. Kim is spring cleaning, springing into action, and giving us ‘spring’ as our quadrille word tonight. Check out the bar, order something zingy, write a poem, read some poems, enjoy yourself. 

Giggle – quadrille for dVerse

The giggle started wriggling
In the corner, over there,
Rolled over tables,
Wrigglegiggled round chairs
Snuck past the lady
Taking careful notes.
Jumped the projector,
Started to float,
Grew just a little bit,
Grew a little more,
Walloped into me as
A mighty roar.


De Jackson – Whimsy Gizmo – is dishing out giggle water over at dVerse. Forty four words, one of which must be giggle. Keeping it light…