Rock II

Rock me, baby
Round the clock
Back on my heels,
Rock and roll me

Rock me up
Rock my world,
Rock god rocking it
Rock a bye

You can

Punk me
Funk me
Soul me
Jazz me
But make sure

You rock me, baby


And another one! For dVerse


Kick – quadrille for dVerse

Back in the day

You were my astronaut baby

And I was your universe

And part of me thought

I would always be able to

Keep you safe,

But, of course,

Even then you kicked

And pushed against the world,

Seeking to be free.

It’s a special day at dVerse – Quadrille #44 – those poets who use all the words will be stretched to the limit! De is keeping bar at the poets’ pub tonight, and asks us to write a poem in 44 words – no more, no less – including the word “kick”. 

hope II

How do we talk
about hope

when it is
as illusory as fear

and yet

both things can grab our guts
and pierce our hearts

and so we talk about

hope and
love and

as if they can step forth
and save us


Another one for De at dVerse (strangely satisfying words). A bit bleaker this time. 

Spice – quadrille for dVerse

It’s a bland day –
a day of mashed potato sky
and porridge coloured distances –

and yet these girls
have filled the kitchen
with a spice gold light –

they’re in there –
one ginger, one nutmeg,
vanilla skin and saffron eyes,
rustling cinnamon secrets…



Mish at dVerse has asked us for a quadrille – 44 words in any form that you can  manage – containing the word “spice”.