This marriage thing – quadrille for dVerse

I am
blotter smudger scrawler
you are
the reader of instructions
the careful butterer of toast
measure twice cut once
spill the milk I lose my keys I fumble

yet, somehow,
in this clash
we found a way
to build a home

A quadrille for dVerse – the word is “smudge”. Thank you, Mish.

Curiosity – quadrille for dVerse.

says eat me drink me
takes the narrowest path
slips between the trees
curiosity turns back
the white linen sheet
hot wax drips
cinnamon-scented skin sleeping god
curiosity fumbles              frantic
slick key screaming lock
pulls back         the curtain
lets in the light

a curiosity quadrille for dVerse. Thank you, Whimsygizmo. Lovely prompt.

Quadrille – as we sink

Abide with me, they play
as the clear, cold waters rise.
Don’t let me slip away
under the midnight ice.

As the clear, cold water rise
I reach my hands to you,
under the midnight ice
where the world is sun starved blue.

Lisa is hosting at dVerse tonight, and our quadrille word is “abide”. I’m making December a month of forms, so this is an embryonic pantoum.

Grown up – quadrille for dVerse

My muck magnet
mud splattered
puddle stomping
jam smeared
crumb dropping
sticky fingered
paint splashing
pen scrawling
finger printing
juice spilling
smart shirted
svelte suited
shiny shoed
smooth socked
slick haired
sparkly smiling
sweet scented
freshly shampooed
softly spoken
smooth talking

A quadrille is a 44 word poem. We write them at dVerse. De is hosting tonight, and our magic word is “magnet”.