Flicker – quadrille for dVerse

Scents flicker
as scents do
swift gesture
of honeysuckle
glimpse of

the stone
is warm
against my
bare feet

and dark wings

as the swallows

fly high,
chasing the air,
over the

Happy 6th birthday to dVerse, happy writing and adventuring. It’s open again, after a summer break, and  Grace asks us to use the word “flicker” in our quadrilles. 

Peppercombe – quadrille for dVerse.

We picked our way down
to Peppercombe bay,
where the cliffs are paprika
and the grey stones wait
quietly, to be ground by the surf;
through the green hush of trees
to the place where there’s only
the wide sky and the salt sea.

Kim is our  host at dVerse tonight. The prompt word is “pepper”. Peppercombe bay is one of our local beaches. You can find an image of it here.  We didn’t go to Peppercombe this evening, but we were just a little way up the coast – and there were peppercorns garnishing my gin and tonic, so there’s obviously something in the air tonight.  

Storm II – for dVerse

Sometimes I dream of storms
and the violent washing away
of all this detritus – plastic bags,
furniture, paperwork
in ragged piles, all those
endless books, shoes,
smart shirts, faded jeans,
best china, glassware,

all flying
whirling, spiraling.

I dream of a wild wind raging.


Another one for dVerse. It’s quadrille night, and we are storming along for De. Go and check it out.

Storm – for dVerse

She wore a dress
like a summer storm
when the clouds bubble
impossible forms;
she brought lightning’s electric scent,
and the threat
of thunder to come
and yet
we were drawn
towards her light,
the brittle light
of just before
a June


The very wonderful De is hosting at dVerse tonight. It’s quadrille night – 44 words – and the key word is “storm”.

Echo – for dVerse

Echo was silent
but the moon called
across the water,

and there was a
mirroring in
our movements.

Echo was silent,
but we were

and the rhythm danced
between us, and we
danced between
the rhythm,

giving and giving back.
Echo was silent.

De at dVerse is asking for quadrilles – 44 words – with “echo” as the key word.

Still – quadrille for dVerse

Grace at dVerse asks us for a quadrille – 44 words including the prompt word – “still”.


still crazy,
still dancing,
still chancing,
still charming,
still telling stories,
still looking for stars,
still watching the changing moon,
still putting on one more tune
still trying something new
still soaking up sun,
still dreaming,
still learning,
still singing
still caring
still you.