Rebellion NaPoWriMo 20

Each poem is a rebellion

Each poem is a rebel lion

leaping over the man with the whip and out of the cage

Each poem is a re bell ion

the sound smashing the window pain and raising the (t)roof

Each poem is a reb(h)ellion

running through the back streets creating chaos

The poet Keats died of consumption and we are dying too passive consumption is destroying us but we are guerilla gorilla Godzilla poets and each poem is an act of creativity is an act of revolution 

So chant your poems in the pub

Use your digit(al) s to grasp a pen or pound a keyboard

Scrawl them on scraps of paper

Post them online or through the letterboxes of strangers

Hold that thought

Then let it fly

A rebellious poem for NaPoWriMo 20