What a fix!

I mixed a bit of Fix-it

to fix a pesky hole.

The Fix-it fixed my fingers

to the Fix-it in the bowl.

So if you mix up Fix-it

I suggest you use a stick:

if you stick your stick to Fix-it,

so what?


A very silly poem for De – WhimsyGizmo – who is hosting at dVerse tonight. See if you can guess what the word is.

Silly again

Let’s get silly
in the kitchen –
let’s be indiscreet –
let’s crank up
that music and
cook up
some hot beats –
let’s knock out
a rhythm
on a baking sheet –
crash some
saucepan cymbals,
bang some spoons
and stamp our feet.

 A more cheerful quadrille for Lillian at dVerse. We’re being silly tonight.