Flexing verbs – for dVerse

Sea sky

The sea anticipates me
as if my body, the touch
of my skin, will be the thing
that wakes it. It embraces me
slowly, taking it step by step,
so that I am gentled,
subdued by the water,
subduing in return.

Today, the sky
reflects the sea,
and I dive and swim
through fine white clouds,
fly through white crescent
waves, and the air
holds me, and the water
flows over me,

until there is a melding,
sea, cloud, sky, wave,
all one, all part of me,
me part of them,

and in my eyes
you will still see
the sea reflected.


This is for Kim at dVerse, who asks us to play with unexpected verbs. My time at dVerse has taught me that no verb is unexpected, but I’ve done my best…

Sky haibun for D’verse

West Cork sunsets 2015 001All day, we’ve watched the sky, as if it were some ancient god, powerful and unpredictable. At lunch time great purple storm clouds boiled up from the west, but by mid afternoon the sky was clear, bright blue – like a gannet’s mad eye – scattered with wisps of white gauze. Right now, there are deep grey clouds rolling down almost to the horizon, opaque and ominous, but below them there’s a band of duck egg blue, like an angel’s robe. Swallows are flying high, a hopeful sign, weaving a complex sigil – warp and weft – across the darkening evening sky.

Dart and dance, swallow,
Call up a shimmering sky,
Weave a blue morning.

A haibun for Kanzensakura, over at D’verse
. She’s keeping bar there, and she’ll explain exactly how to write a haibun – not something you get from most bar tenders around here!