Steeple – poem for dVerse

here is the church here is the steeple open the door and here are the people
praying for their souls in the scent of chrysanthemums

oh, their souls, dressed in white
crying crying crying in the corner of the world.

crying for the world.

This is my second poem for Mish’s dVerse prompt. I found myself channelling Stevie Smith, I think. Steep is the word tonight.


Soul – for dVerse

If you knew the name of your soul –
that single word that calls,
and binds, and frees –
how would you use it?

Would you spray it
on the subway walls?
Or carve it into your
own skin?

Would you tattoo it
into the flesh
of that beech tree
on the hill
behind your house,

or scrawl it
everywhere you go,
in marker pen,

Or would you write it
in the midnight air,
in sparkling fire,
to burn
and fade?



Paul at dVerse is asking us to look deep into our souls and see what we find there.