Stella Morris investigates – episode 4

It was a long time since Stella had run this far or this fast,and the kid was skinny, but surprisingly heavy. Her lungs were burning and her thighs were asking questions her brain couldn’t answer, but she kept going. The tall grass around her seemed increasingly menacing, and a couple of times she flinched at what turned out to be shadows. She cleared the crest of the hill and came to a halt.

A tall woman with long greenish hair stood in front of her, surrounded by grass that seemed taller and greener than it was anywhere else. As she turned towards Stella, the grass around the Green Woman seemed to move, as if of its own volition.

Stella was panting hard, waiting for her breathing to slow down. The kid clung tightly round her neck.  

The woman spoke first.

“I didn’t ask for this” – she gestured widely with her long, pale hands. Stella noticed with shock that her eyes were a solid, opaque green.

“I didn’t ask for this” the Green Woman repeated. “But here I am, trapped in this clumsy form. And now I’m here, I find I want to live. But you, I think, want to destroy me.” She shook her head, her hair moving in waves like long grass in the wind.

“I will not be destroyed”
This is for Jane Dougherty’s micro fiction challenge. I would normally do a link through at this stage, but I’m struggling with IT today.

Stella Morris Investigates! – Micro Fiction for Jane Dougherty – episode 3



Stella looked down at the kid on the passenger seat. She didn’t know much about children, but she was pretty sure they weren’t supposed to be that skinny. She was pretty sure about some other stuff, too. She was pretty sure she could lose her license for this. She was pretty sure she didn’t know what to do next. But she was damn certain she couldn’t have left the kid there. That place had a stink of evil about it.

Picking up the kid had slowed her down, though, and the 2 figures she’d tracked from the ruins of the temple folly to the underground complex had got away. She shrugged. She’d have other chances to catch up with Rex Brandenburg.

Suddenly she noticed a green glow way up ahead – the woman from the folly. She DID seem to glow, lighting up the trees around her as she slipped into the woods and vanished.

Shortly after that, she spotted a strange shape in the road, and swerved to avoid it. The car skidded, spun round and stopped. She got out to look.

It was a man, wrapped so tightly in some green creeper that he’d been unable to breathe. And she recognised his face.

This is for Jane Dougherty’s Friday microfiction prompt. She’s kind of suggested we might like to continue our stories, or do stand alone pieces. I’m quite enjoying Stella’s company, so I’m sticking with her for a while – and I want to see what happens next! The image is by Else Berg. I find it rather disturbing.

The Gate – microfiction challenge #5 for Jane Dougherty.




As Stella opened the modest gate, the scent of smoke hit her. She was looking for Rex Brandenburg – she had his photo in her top pocket, along with the tarot card his grandmother had given her. She’d been told he’d definitely be here. This was his crowd, and this was the biggest party of the year.

Down by the lake she spotted a folly built to look like a temple. It was ablaze with candlelight and she could see a group of slim figures moving backwards and forwards, silhouettes against the light.

Stella’s irritation with the bright young things around her was growing. Identical twin brothers were handing out pale yellow pills, champagne was sloshing into glasses, and a couple were tangoing on the terrace. The party was hotting up.

She pushed through the crowd, trying to make her way towards the folly. Call it intuition, call it a sixth sense – she called it her inner cop – whatever you call it, it was telling her that something important was happening down there.

She was still a couple of hundred yards away when the explosion happened. A pillar of green fire shot 60 feet into the air, in deathly silence.


This is a microfiction for Jane Dougherty’s challenge. Like Stella, I have no idea what’s going on, but I’m hoping that together we will be able to make some sense of these strange events, eventually.