Our first sunrise –
I was bubble-headed,
party-dressed –

and London was
a Camelot
of spires and towers
catching flame

midsummer sunrise
coming suddenly
catching us unawares

then, those weary sunrises,
early mornings,
lark-child singing,
rust-red sun
creeping slowly over
the city rooftops
day begun too early
child heavy in my arms

and now

fearful of time

I slip from our warm bed
as if I have
an assignation
with the cold-fingered
winter sun
who offers me
a pearling sky.

Oh, look who’s hosting at dVerse tonight – it’s me! Get over there and write some poetry.

This extra(ordinary) day – haibun for dVerse

The sunrise is a tidal wave of colour crashing into the pale morning air. At this time of year the sun rises in exactly the right place for me to see it from the bedroom window – a forest fire on the horizon, a glorious energy. It’s the first thing I see today, as if the sun has waited for me to wake, like a child waiting to tell a secret or share a story. What story does the sun have for me today? A tale of apples – always, inevitably, apples – and golden quinces, warm in my hand. A story of sunshine. The tale of a boy who smiles through his distress and thanks me, when all I can give him is my attention. Of a woman who shares her fear and trusts me to hold it for a moment or two before she leaves to go back into her world. A story of laughter, of singing off key on the journey home. Of a piece of toast, a cup of tea, a basket of washing. A love story, I think.

Dancing fire wakes me
And the clear liquid falling
Music of songbirds

Grace has given us a prompt for a dVerse haibun – looking for the extraordinary in our day. I had to mention the apples that are piling up around me! It was good to reflect on my day. I am so lucky.