Spring in the park: Tritana for Jane Dougherty

I saw them as I hurried through my day –
Too much in love to notice any rain –
Framed in the springtime blossoms, pink and white

I saw her some time later, veiled in white,
Friends gathered round to share their wedding day
Laughing together, standing in the rain

I sometimes find I think of them, that day,
Sweet-scented jasmine crowning them in white:
I hope that they’re still laughing in the rain.

On days that rain, white jasmine gives most scent.

This is for Jane Dougherty’s poetry challenge. It’s a tritana, with repeating end words in a pattern: 123, 312, 132, and then a final line with all the end words in order. Another lovely picture from Jane, too: Cornoyer’s Early Spring in Central Park.