Warning NaPoWriMo 25

Warning: this substance is highly volatile

Do not expose to right wing propaganda, poor grammar or incorrectly attributed quotations.

Warning: this animal is a lexivore

Do not let off the lead in bookshops or libraries.

Warning: if you find an unattended poet, please alert the relevant authorities. Do not leave your poet unattended or they may be removed and destroyed in a controlled explosion.

The management accepts no responsibility.

For anything. 

The management cannot accept responsibility. She is too busy stalking rare words and unexpected turns of phrase through the undergrowth of the bookstore.

The management is on a camping trip in the deep desert. She has pitched her tent by a waterhole, and is building a fire of obsolete poetic forms under a verb spangled sky.

Warning: poetry under construction.

Warning: wet words.

Warning: slippery concepts.

Warning: may contain nuts, gluten and adjectives.

Handle with care.