I originally started blogging at fantasticmetastaticme.wordpress.com, because I wanted a place to write about my experience of living with metastatic breast cancer. I started fmmewritespoems specifically to take part in NaPoWriMo a few years ago. I discovered that writing poetry and flash fiction was much more fun and significantly more satisfying than writing about cancer (that’s just me – I found that once I’d said “Oh, I have cancer and it’s spread…” there wasn’t a whole lot more to say.

So this is now my main blog, and you are very welcome here.


14 thoughts on “About

  1. What a journey Sarah. Writing certainly seems to have served you well… and you’ve served the art and your readers exceptionally well in return. I’m so glad you took a moment to comment on my blog, and opened the door for me to discover yours!


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