Morning blessing

May the morning light
drift over you
gentle as
golden silk

May your eyes open
on hope:
a green seedling,
an opening flower,
soft in the
morning light.

May your ears catch
a tumble of birdsong,
a whisper of breath,
in the morning quiet.

May morning enter
your ears, your eyes,
your heart,
filling your day
with the colour
of peace,
the peace of colour.

May your hands reach
into the light,
and fill themselves
with warmth.

May you taste the
of this new day,

May you smell the clean
of a new

May your first thoughts
be full
of compassion

your first words
full of joy
and love.

Paul Scribbles is running the show at dVerse tonight, and asking for blessings.


19 thoughts on “Morning blessing

  1. Light, delicate and Irish! May your poems continue to delight us! Reminded me of my favourite song by John Martyn:
    ‘May you never lay your head down
    Without a hand to hold
    May you never make your bed out in the cold’.


  2. An Irish blessing indeed; such absolutely gorgeous sentiments. I am finding such love & tenderness out here on the trail Your second stanza is my fave So far my dystopian response to the prompt is the only foray into th dark side of the prompt–my lot in poetics I guess.

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