The last of the celebrations

It’s not a bad way to see off the celebrations,
as we must.

We must fold away all the
brightly coloured cloths, and shut them away
from the light. We must take down
all the shiny things, and the sparkly things,
and the bright, glistening things
that turn gently in the candle light,
and we must finish off the good food,
the rich food, the creamy food,
the cheese and the brandy flavoured butter,
and sigh, and pat ourselves, and dream
of crisp white cabbage leaves and
slices of onion, eye-stinging, and we
must swallow the last of the wine,
and that sweet drink, that everyone wanted
and nobody drank, and we must drain
the dregs of the good coffee,
and let the last
of the chocolates melt on our tongues
and we must turn off the music,
and let the silence in,
and we must turn out the lights,
and say a last good night
and leave the room.

Mish is hosting at dVerse tonight, and asks us to write a poem inspired by the last line of a book. It can be any book, she says, so I took her at her word and picked up the nearest one. It happened to be The Kitchen Diaries by Nigel Slater – one of my favourite food writers. The last line of the book is It’s not a bad way to see off the celebrations and I just took it from there.


19 thoughts on “The last of the celebrations

  1. I’m also fond of Nigel Slater but haven’t read The Kitchen Diaries – one to ad to my list! I love the way your poem takes us through every step of winding down Christmas, Sarah. I especially love the warm glow in the lines:
    ‘all the shiny things, and the sparkly things,
    and the bright, glistening things
    that turn gently in the candle light’.
    But the finality of the final lines is heartbreaking.


  2. I really responded to this piece–the party’s over, clean up kicks in, even before the holiday memories fade and the food has been fully consumed. Your ,final lines could be literal, or metaphoric.


  3. This is a wonderful continuation of the line!!! It reminds me of how I feel each year when I must take down all the Christmas decorations…and then when they are all put away, I turn and see what is now, and didn’t seem to be before I took out the decorations, a very dull living room!


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