Rain – Tuesday poetics

Yes, rain
until the grass
is drunk on it,
until the sponge
is full to bursting

the windows bubbled and bent
a world in every raindrop.

Yes, rain,
and that million pat rap taps
of raindrops

and the taste of it,

yes, rain,
licked from cold lips.

I’m hosting for dVerse tonight, and we’re playing in the rain. Come and join us. Bring a brolly.


25 thoughts on “Rain – Tuesday poetics

  1. The rain in your poem is so palpable I can feel it, Sarah. I love the idea of grass being drunk on rain and the image of the ‘windows bubbled and bent / a world in every raindrop’. A poem that appeals to all the senses. I can’t wait for some rain now, just to lick it from my lips!

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  2. Ah yes, the rain on the lips! I’ve always enjoyed walking in a misting rain. There’s something so peaceful and cleansing about it. In a heavy rain my mother used to say “God’s doing his laundry”. Your poem reminded me of that.


  3. love these lines- the windows “bubbled and bent/a world in every raindrop.” Such a perfect description – realistic and perfectly poetic with its own little double meaning. Almost a stand alone haiku. Lovely, lovely work.


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