Haibun: gratitude.

I started a gratitude journal a few weeks ago, at a time when it was hard to feel grateful. It’s gently morphed into something slightly different – this is the place where I write down the moments that make me stop and absorb. I’m grateful for those moments because for a breath, a pause, a heartbeat, I am taken out of myself. I forget myself.

What I realised a couple of days ago is that these are haiku moments. The moments we step outside of time, the moments we want to share with the universe.

an oak tree
a circle of gold
autumn ends

A haibun for Frank at dVerse. We are thinking about thankfulness in this Thanksgiving week.

16 thoughts on “Haibun: gratitude.

  1. Well I thought that was beautiful — and how true. The idea of the gratitude ‘journal’ fits with haibun tradition very nicely, and I agree, they really are haiku moments. Your haiku was a cut above. Definitely.


  2. Ah yes, those moments. As I contemplate the reality of my journey, I find myself thinking at times “If this is to be my last autumn, let me savour every moment!”


  3. Being a bit verbose, I think I have tanka moments, but I love your concept, a kind of ersatz short-cut meditation; something perfect for the impatient among us.


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