Rain II – quadrille for dVerse

She’s wearing faded denim cut-offs
and her hair is sun bleached, salt dried.
Oh, she glows.

She’s drinking cider, bright with
sunset, and there’s dry sand
between her toes

“I love the smell of rain” she says,
looking all around her, smiling
like rainbows

And this is the second one. Another rainy quadrille for Kim at dVerse. 

16 thoughts on “Rain II – quadrille for dVerse

  1. I’ve caught up with you, Sarah! This is wonderful! I love the personification – I recognise that girl, and it’s perfect that she drinks cider and smiles rainbows. 🙂 That’s what I’ll be serving this evening – rainbow cider!

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  2. Wow! I want to know where she found the dry sand. None to be found here. But your poem carries the promise that the rain won’t persist forever… no matter where we are. (If it does, I know how to swim.)


  3. This is bright! Love the sunset trapped in cider, very evocative! And the smell of rain …. just wonderful (sort of) when you catch that scent in the air. Nice work 🙂


  4. Nice! I thought you were going to make the rain into a young girl sipping sider as water is sucked up into the clouds. The transition works well ! I can see her smiling like a rainbow.


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