Solitude – haibun for dVerse

Early morning is my time. In the winter you’ll find me curled on the sofa, drinking tea and scribbling a list or a poem. In summer I may slip outside to water the garden or just breathe deeply. Solitude slips away so easily, lost in the clatter and chatter of the day. I don’t mind – I’ll find it again tomorrow.

oak tree in winter

bare branches twist to the sky

in spring leaves return

A haibun on solitude for Kim at dVerse.

18 thoughts on “Solitude – haibun for dVerse

  1. It’s wonderful and strange to think of us both up early in the morning, Sarah, a couple of hundred miles apart, reading, writing and drinking tea! And you’re so right about solitude slipping away easily and finding it again the next day – I think that keeps us going. I love how that idea echoes in your haiku.

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  2. This summer I think I started to appreciate the solitude of my garden properly. I love the clarity in your haibun and it’s so soothing big as well. When you mentioned just breathing I felt like I was stood out on my decking just basking in the summer sun again. I think it’s a mark of a wonderful poem when it can trigger memories so clearly in a reader.

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  3. Enjoyed the read Sarah. The solitude of winter is harder for me because I find it can leave me prone to depression. Solitude in summer here in the PacNW is glorious. The ocean, the mountains, the rivers and waterfalls – do much wilderness and so accessible and pleasant in Summer. I am glad solitude is easy for you year round.


  4. your haiku is the ultimate seasonal true haiku, i struggle with those and end up going all over the place, a very good guide for me Sarah, i so love how you confidently know how to look for solitude again.

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