Going somewhere – poem for dVerse

All those cheap metaphors –
the road, the river

the road as if we’re heading somewhere burning fuel
not just circling spiralling burning time, but look –
we have direction

the river as if we’ll reach carried thoughtless
some open ocean see the sunlight on the water
wide armed
rough waved

and yet we circle round the stone steps up and down


waiting to dissolve us
in its swirling waters

fingerprint swirl thumbprint on the clouds
in the great sea

and all the while
we are spinning
out and away

seductive entropy

Amaya is hosting at dVerse tonight, and we are looking at movement – our own movements, population movements, wherever the prompt takes us.

9 thoughts on “Going somewhere – poem for dVerse

  1. Your poem reminds me of a line from Longfellow’s, “A Psalm of Life” : “funeral marches to the grave”. In your poem, the swirling is like the sound of marching feet. Beautiful writing, Sarah.


  2. I like the ambiguity of the title, Sarah; ‘going somewhere’ could be a question, an idea or a goal. And then you take us to the sea, where anything is possible, a wonderful metaphor for life. I love the phrase ‘fingerprint swirl thumbprint on the clouds; and the final ‘seductive entropy’.

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  3. I see an illusion while reading this piece: the feeling as if you’re going somewhere, but despite all the jagged up-and-downs and roundabouts, you find yourself in the same place you started. I think you touch on a taboo fear here, Sarah, and I’m so glad you chose to write this for this particular prompt.


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