Nine and nine

Laura’s hosting at dVerse tonight. She always comes up with interesting and challenging prompts – I think of them as architectural. Tonight we’re thinking about nines – nine line poems and nonets. Laura has given us some lines from great poems to use as the basis for our own work. I couldn’t resist having a go at both halves of the prompt.

Here’s my first one. The first line is taken from W.S. Merwin’s “To the Light of September”/

Summer fading

It seems as though you are still summer
clinging to the last pink roses,
but the early morning chill
lasts a little longer
every day. Autumn
is so close now,
cold fingers

And here’s the second, which is based on this line: Those/ pale /flowers /might /still /have/ time/ to /fruit from Karina Borowicz’s ‘September Tomatoes


Those geese flying overhead
pale wings spread out, like
flowers on a blue bedspread
might fly on. They are so strong, they
still have miles to go. It’s
time to seek out warmth,
to hunker down. Autumn’s brought
fruit and frost and morning mist.


21 thoughts on “Nine and nine

  1. I,, too, enjoyed both poems; applause, applause, but the second one is an 8 liner, not 9; bit hey, you made it work, bent it to your poetic will.


  2. Both sparkling in their own way – the geese on the bedspread got me though – (I love the idea of triangles of birds migrating across a blue cotton sky – honking away, miles to go) – and lovely sounds in the ‘fruit and frost and morning mist.’


  3. Both poems are gorgeous, Sarah. The nonet captures the fading of summer perfectly, ‘clinging to the last pink roses’ and I love the personification of Autumn with ‘cold fingers / sprinkling / gold’. You know I love poems about birds, and geese are so evocative. What a wonderful bespread simile – and I smiled at the Robert Frost reference.


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